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Statistical geography data for metropolitan districts in England

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Statistical geography metropolitan district engWhat does statistical-geography-metropolitan-district-eng mean?Local authority engWhat does local-authority-eng mean?Start dateWhat does start-date mean?End dateWhat does end-date mean?
E08000001BOL2009-01-01No data
E08000002BUR2009-01-01No data
E08000003MAN2009-01-01No data
E08000004OLD2009-01-01No data
E08000005RCH2009-01-01No data
E08000006SLF2009-01-01No data
E08000007SKP2009-01-01No data
E08000008TAM2009-01-01No data
E08000009TRF2009-01-01No data
E08000010WGN2009-01-01No data


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