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Last updated: 28/11/2017

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What does statistical-geography-london-borough-eng mean? What does local-authority-eng mean? What does start-date mean? What does end-date mean?
E09000002BDG2009-01-01No data
E09000005BEN2009-01-01No data
E09000004BEX2009-01-01No data
E09000003BNE2009-01-01No data
E09000006BRY2009-01-01No data
E09000007CMD2009-01-01No data
E09000008CRY2009-01-01No data
E09000009EAL2009-01-01No data
E09000010ENF2009-01-01No data
E09000011GRE2009-01-01No data
E09000016HAV2009-01-01No data
E09000012HCK2009-01-01No data
E09000017HIL2009-01-01No data
E09000013HMF2009-01-01No data
E09000018HNS2009-01-01No data
E09000015HRW2009-01-01No data
E09000014HRY2009-01-01No data
E09000019ISL2009-01-01No data
E09000020KEC2009-01-01No data
E09000021KTT2009-01-01No data
E09000022LBH2009-01-01No data
E09000023LEW2009-01-01No data
E09000024MRT2009-01-01No data
E09000025NWM2009-01-01No data
E09000026RDB2009-01-01No data
E09000027RIC2009-01-01No data
E09000029STN2009-01-01No data
E09000028SWK2009-01-01No data
E09000030TWH2009-01-01No data
E09000031WFT2009-01-01No data
E09000032WND2009-01-01No data
E09000033WSM2009-01-01No data
E09000001LND2009-01-01No data
Showing 33 records

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