Statistical geography for local government districts in Northern Ireland register

Statistical geography data for local government districts in Northern Ireland

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Statistical geography local government district nirWhat does statistical-geography-local-government-district-nir mean?Local authority nirWhat does local-authority-nir mean?Start dateWhat does start-date mean?End dateWhat does end-date mean?
N09000001ANN2015-04-01No data
N09000002ABC2015-04-01No data
N09000003BFS2015-04-01No data
N09000004CCG2015-04-01No data
N09000005DRS2015-04-01No data
N09000006FMO2015-04-01No data
N09000007LBC2015-04-01No data
N09000008MEA2015-04-01No data
N09000009MUL2015-04-01No data
N09000010NMD2015-04-01No data


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