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Geographies that are used in compiling official statistics

First published 4 August 2017

Last updated 10 September 2018 — see all updates

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Statistical geographyNameAreaOrganisationRegisterStart dateEnd date
W29Agricultural RegionsNo dataNo dataNo data2010-10-31No data
W30Agricultural Small AreasNo dataNo dataNo data2010-10-31No data
L93British Crown Dependenciesterritory:JE, territory:GGgovernment-organisation:D303No data2009-01-01No data
M83British Crown Dependencyterritory:IMgovernment-organisation:D303No data2009-01-01No data
S33Broad Rental Market AreasNo datagovernment-organisation:DA1020No data2015-07-09No data
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Statistical geography

The unique code for a geography used in official statistics. A geography is a way to divide a larger area into smaller areas.


The name of the entity.


The geographic area for an entity.


The entity's organisation.


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