Registration district register

Districts in England and Wales responsible for recording civil registration events, such as births, marriages, deaths and civil partnerships

First published 10 January 2017

Last updated 10 September 2018 — see all updates

Category: Life circumstances

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Registration districtNameName cyStart dateEnd date
218Barking and DagenhamNo dataNo dataNo data
219BarnetNo dataNo dataNo data
41BarnsleyNo dataNo dataNo data
685BasfordNo dataNo data2012-04-01
686BassetlawNo dataNo data2012-04-01
The 5 fields in this register

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Field description

Registration district

The code for a registration district in England or Wales.


The commonly-used name of a record.

Name cy

The commonly-used Welsh name of a record.

Start date

The date a record first became relevant to a register.

End date

The date a record stopped being applicable.