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Last updated: 16/01/2018

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Qualification levelNameQualification sub levelEuropean qualification framework levelStart dateEnd date
Entry1Entry LevelEntry Level 1
Entry2Entry LevelEntry Level 2
Entry3Entry LevelEntry Level 3Level 1
Entry1_2Entry LevelEntry Level 1,2
Entry2_3Entry LevelEntry Level 2,3
Entry1_2_3Entry LevelEntry Level 1,2,3
Level1Level 1Level 2
Level1_2Level 1/2Level 2/3
Level2Level 2Level 3
Level3Level 3Level 4
Level4Level 4Level 5
Level5Level 5Level 5
Level6Level 6Level 6
Level7Level 7Level 7
Level8Level 8Level 8
Showing 15 records

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