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JobcentreWhat does jobcentre mean?NameWhat does name mean?Jobcentre districtWhat does jobcentre-district mean?AddressWhat does address mean?Start dateWhat does start-date mean?End dateWhat does end-date mean?
9820Aberdare101200003771457No dataNo data
10619Aberdeen Ebury House13610091750659No dataNo data
9570Abergavenny103200000951317No dataNo data
9871Abertillery10310070620015No dataNo data
9630Aberystwyth10149019765No dataNo data
1773Abingdon138100121312772No dataNo data
7620Accrington105100012544862No dataNo data
1568Acton10612152529No dataNo data
7671Aintree10738159397No data2017-11-17
10840Airdrie108118138883No dataNo data


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