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Internal drainage boards in England

First published 10 January 2017

Last updated 10 September 2018 — see all updates

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Internal drainage boardNameLegislationStart dateEnd date
IDB01Ainsty Internal Drainage Boarduksi-2011-8202011-01-18No data
IDB02Airedale Drainage CommissionersNo dataNo dataNo data
IDB03Alconbury and Ellington Internal Drainage BoardNo dataNo dataNo data
IDB04Ancholme Internal Drainage Boarduksi-1973-689No dataNo data
IDB05Axe Brue Internal Drainage Boarduksi-2012-10242012-01-11No data
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Internal drainage board

The unique code for an internal drainage board.


The commonly-used name of a record.


The unique code for the legislation that defines the board's powers and duties.

Start date

The date a record first became relevant to a register.

End date

The date a record stopped being applicable.