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First published 19 September 2017

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Government domainHostnameOrganisationStart dateEnd date
10939lintoncambridgeshire-pcNo data2008-06-02No data
10945courtfundsgovernment-organisation:D182007-03-30No data
10946folkestone-tclocal-authority-eng:SHE2006-03-06No data
10947kirtoninlindseytowncouncilNo data2007-05-23No data
10948niaurNo data2007-04-11No data
The 5 fields in this register

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Government domain

The unique code for a GOV.UK government domain.


The section of a GOV.UK URL that identifies a service. For example, student-finance.​service.​gov.​uk.


The entity's organisation.

Start date

The date a record first became relevant to a register.

End date

The date a record stopped being applicable.