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Further education colleges in the United Kingdom

First published 14 December 2018

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Further education college ukNameRegionStart dateEnd date
1Abingdon and Witney Collegefurther-education-college-region-uk:1No dataNo data
2Accrington and Rossendale Collegefurther-education-college-region-uk:1No data2018-11-20
3Activate Learningfurther-education-college-region-uk:1No dataNo data
4Ada, National College for Digital Skillsfurther-education-college-region-uk:1No dataNo data
273Adult Learning Wales (Addysg Oedolion Cymru)further-education-college-region-uk:3No dataNo data
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Further education college uk

The unique code of a further education college.


The commonly-used name of a record.


The region in the UK where the further education college is located.

Start date

The date a record first became relevant to a register.

End date

The date a record stopped being applicable.