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Approved open standard guidanceWhat does approved-open-standard-guidance mean?NameWhat does name mean?Approved open standardsWhat does approved-open-standards mean?WebsiteWhat does website mean?Start dateWhat does start-date mean?End dateWhat does end-date mean?
107Country codesapproved-open-standard:1008 data
109Cross platform character encoding profileapproved-open-standard:1010, approved-open-standard:1011 data
101Date-times and time-stampsapproved-open-standard:1001 data
114Exchange of calendar eventsapproved-open-standard:1019 data
113Exchange of contact informationapproved-open-standard:1018 data
106Exchange of location pointapproved-open-standard:1006, approved-open-standard:1007 data
103International development dataapproved-open-standard:1003 data
108Language tagsapproved-open-standard:1009 data
105Multi agency incident transferapproved-open-standard:1005 data
102Open contracting dataapproved-open-standard:1002 data


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